Resilience, Social Cohesion and Climate Change in Urban Areas of Greater Khartoum

This interdisciplinary project is hosted and led by Malmö University, Sweden. It involves collaboration between researchers in Sweden (Malmö University, Lund University) and Sudan (Khartoum University), with funding from the Swedish Research Council, Vetenskapsrådet, 2019-2022.

This project (Registration number: 2018-05773) is one of 16 projects who received the same grant under the title “Sustainability and Resilience – Tackling Consequences of Climate and Environmental Changes in low-income countries”. The 2018 call for research projects within Sustainability and resilience resulted in 16 funded projects, all started in 2019. Other than strengthening the research within the area of sustainability and resilience, the aims of this research funding are to:

  • contribute to capacity building within research in low-income and lower middle income countries

  • strengthen the capacity among junior researchers within the area at Swedish HEIs

  • increase the collaboration between researchers in Sweden and researchers in low income and lower middle income countries

The start seminar for the programme in April 2019 took place at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and has been attended by the PI of this project, Josepha Wessels. 



Welcome to the website and blog of the research project “Resilience in Urban Sudan”.
The main purpose of this research project is to contribute to scientific knowledge to tackle consequences of climate and environmental changes in urban areas of the Global South.
Here we will update you on recent developments and events for the project.

Floods, Khartoum, 30.08.2020

Some pictures from Khartoum, Sudan, fieldwork January 2020

RUS Team


Funder and Universities involved in the project

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